Our Product For Cutting Metal Machine :

- Bubut / Lathe Machine and CNC Lathe Machine 

A metal lathe machine is used for machining metal (or other materials) round by holding and rotating the workpiece while a carbide tool bit is pushed into the outside or inside of the workpiece - causing a chip removing cutting action. Holding the part is normally done with a chuck that has jaws to grip the part at one end and a pointed center or steady rest to support the center of the part at the other end. 
Metalworking lathes may also be capable of producing screw threads, tapered work, drilled holes, knurled surfaces and crankshafts, depending on the tooling is used and options are chosen. 
Metal lathe machines can be grouped into four categories: lightweight bench type, precision tool room type, gap type and big bore. Precision tool room lathes are used for all operations, such as turning, boring, drilling, reaming, screw threads producing, taper turning, knurling and radius forming where higher tolerances are required. Gap lathes have a removable gap section that comes out of the bed allowing them to fit larger diameters but short workpieces with the machining work to be done on the face. Big Bore means the machine is large and has an extra large diameter spindle bore through the head stock to allow working on shafts and other parts that are further than the distance between centers, such as an oil drilling shaft.

- Milling Machine

 Hectmac milling machines has been designed to satisfy manufacturing sectors requiring high rigidity and versatility. Also the choice of several accessories available to this equipment makes it most suited to multiple applications.

- Bandsaw Machine

Hectmac sawing machine is used for metal cutting working.
1. This hacksaw machine with high fatigue strength allows long working time and service life.
2. Water cooling system.
3. Inclination and double column frame enables wide cutting range.

- Press / Pon Machine

- Iron Worker Machine

Hectmac Ironworker Q35Y series multi-functional hydraulic ironworker is designed to both punch and shear plates, square steel, round steel, channel steel, angle steel, I-Beam and other kinds of steels. It can also be used to bend plates with the thickness less than 500 mm, making it an ideal machine for various metal plate solutions. 

- Punching Machine

Hectmac mechanical punching machine performs excellent in punching working of a wide range of metal plates. Custom and removable punching moulds allow different punching shapes, including square or round holes, corner cutting, irregular shapes, etc.

- Gear Hobbing Machine

- Skrap / Shapping Machine

- Slotting Machine

Hectmac V-slotting machine is a fully CNC machine designed for metal sheet slotting. It is equipped with advanced CNC system and manufactured with innovative design, allowing its simple operation, high processing precision, no noise, no vibration, etc. It is extensively applied to sheet metal U-groove, V-groove and other irregular groove processing, including stainless steel, aluminum, aluminum plate, iron, copper, wood, plastic, acrylic panels and other special plates. It is applicable to the V-slotting processing of sheet metals before bending

- Thread Machine

- Drilling / Boring Machine



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